Spiritual Attack

Several years ago I was hit in the head with concrete which left me
with occassional stuttering and minear’s disease – a type of vertigo.
Usually the vertigo only hits about one day every oher month – but not
so bad I can’t function. Two weeks ago it kicked in worse than I’ve
ever had it and lasted until yesterday. I couldn’t walk, drive or keep
food down because of the dizziness. The doctors basically can’t cure it
or eliminate the symptoms, they just have to knock me out so I can
sleep through the worst of it. Therefore I haven’t really been able to
do anything for the last ten days.

Denise and I truly believe
that this has been a spiritual attack. The doctors have no clue why
this happened and was shocked that it did. Minear’s doesn’t usually act
like this – at least not for me.

Compass Point is going through
some changes right now. Good changes, but difficult. I am in the same
camp as Mark Driscoll in believing that sometimes you shake things up
and create choas for the sake of growing in leadership and ministry.
After six months of praying, fasting, meditation and Scripture study, I
beleve that God led me to take Compass Point into this time of creative
choas. The minear’s began the day we started the creative choas
process. I think this was by design by the enemy!

I’m beginning
to understand that spiritual attack occurs when God is moving. I’m
almost to the point if I’m/we’re not being attacked by Satan’s forces
then I look to see if I’m/we’re truly following God. It seems to be an

I have also found that – in my life – Satan attacks
my health or my home – meaning my marriage. Nothing huge, just
bickering and impatience with each other. Some days Denise and I are
just having a bad day, but most of the time it is spiritual attack.

be on guard. If God is truly doing something wonderful through you or
your church, Satan will attack in mighty ways. Keep your armor up –
particularly in your home!

Spiritual Attack