Praying For Planters

Over the last three years Denise and I have lived the challenges of planting a church on the 21st Century.  Th rewards are beyond imagination, but the struggles can also be unreal.  It is for this reason that she and I commited to pray for church planters and their families on a daily basis.

Right now we pray for Wayne Gooden, Tadd Grandstaff and Jonathan Herron every evening.  We pray for them, their families, their marriages, their church plant teams, the leadership of the upcoming churches, the finances, the launch date, etc.

While I went to college wih Wayne, I’ve never even met or talked to Tadd or Jonathan.  Denise and I just felt that we needed to do more than just blog about church planting . . . we needed to pray for planters as well.

I write this not to pat Denise and I on the back, but to challenge all established church planters to pray specifically for others that are just beginning this journey.  We know the trials, tribulations, difficulties and strain that church planting can cause.  What better folks to pray for church planters than other church planters?

Oh yeah, there is always room in Denise and my prayer journals to add a few more planters to the list.  Just drop me an email.

Praying For Planters

One thought on “Praying For Planters

  1. Chris thank you so much for your prayers….since you have done this before and been in the trenches…you know how tough it can be at times…thank you so much your prayers are coveted!

    Count on us praying for you as well!


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