A Really Weird Day

It’s about 10:00 PM (EST) and I still haven’t completely mentally processed the day.  The service itself was good . . . not great . . . but good.  Quite a few of our normal volunteer leaders were getting in those last minute vacation trips this weekend.  Also, attendance was slightly down, but still good.  The band was sounding good, I was pretty pumped about the message and our folks responded well to it.  Yet, there were all of these bizarre technical problems.

First the air conditioner in the gymnasium we use at the YMCA went on the fritz.  It kept working – cooling the building down – however it was making a horrible noise.  We have stacks of sound equipment and we were almost drowned out by the sound of the air conditioner.

Secondly, our always-reliable Easy Worship software wasn’t reliable today.  It kept kicking out our saved worship program and reverting back to an old save.  None of the graphics, movie files or Scriputre references worked properly.  We kept having to reboot and limped through it.

Finally, the sound board was completely unreal.  There have been no problems with it over the last several months and then today it really went off the hook!  None of the built-in power amps (four 300-watt amps) were functionally properly and then the mids went out completely.  After tweaking it for a while we finally got everything back up and then the whole thing shut down.  No sound!  Out of sure divine inspiration our drummer plugged in a "dummy load" speaker and everything came back up . . . as long as the "dummy load" stayed plugged in.  In all of my years around sound systems (over 25 years to be exact), I have never seen anything like it!!!

Now comes the crazy part!  As soon as the service ended today everything but the loud air conditioner went back to working normally!!!  The spiritual attacks just keep stranger and stranger!

A Really Weird Day