NOT Church Planting!

I’ve kind of held off posting this blog for several weeks to think through . . . and pray through my feelings.  Consequently my views and convictions have not changed.

Over the last several months I have spent time with five "church planters" that seem to have no problem with transfer growth – in fact they are encouraging it.  Transfer growth is where a church atrracts people already involved in church.  I understand that some transfer growth happens with most new church plants just by the situation.  However, these "church planters" are actually targeting church people.  They are doing "outreach events" on Christian college campuses, they are specifically targeting leadership in other churches to be on their core team and they are purposely acquiring meeting locations within blocks of where recent church plants have begun.  It’s really . . . sad!

I think the most disturbing conversation I have had is when I asked one of these "church planters" what his goal was for reaching unchurched people.  His reply was something like, "My goal is to re-educate Christians."  Funny, but I fail to find that calling in the Great Commission. 

Where has the passion for reaching unchurched people gone?  Where has the drive to plant churches that are soul winners gone?  Where has the desire to begin something new and different to reach new and different people gone?  Where has the calling to follow the Great Commssion gone?

I find it an outrage that money is being wasted on these kind of "church plants".  I am extremely bothered that denominational leadership is encouraging this pitiful excuse for church planting in order to "report the numbers".   I guess I am most bothered by the lack of integrity, accountability and intelligence of "planting" churches that are only concerned with reaching church people.

I am no expert, but I have been a church planter for a while.  This is only my opinion, but if a church is being planted with the goal of reaching mainly churched people then it is . . . not church planting!!!

NOT Church Planting!

4 thoughts on “NOT Church Planting!

  1. right on bro. too many people don’t like the way their church is doing it so they just go start their own church and take their christian friends with them. while i certainly understand the need for some christians to come in and work, targeting them and going after them is flat out wrong.


  2. Chris,

    This is an excellent post!

    Sometimes it is really easy to target the people groups that you mentioned. I don’t think it is entirely bad to have some solid peeps on your team, but having that as your main target is silly!

    I am sad that some dude actually told you that his “calling” was to re-educate Christians. Dang.

    Keep it real, man!


  3. Chris,

    I resonate with everything you are saying. Good post, thanks for having the wisdom, heart, and courage to share. We need more people to be honest and say it like it is as you have here.

    I pray that God will bring out “church planters” and that agencies and denominations will know the difference. Love you man, Praying for you.


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