Not Enough Time

I so wanted to call this posting "Idiot #2", but I felt that the "Dobson-ites" would freak.  Funny, I guess I just said it anyway.  "Dobson Freaks" let the flaming comments begin.

I have never been a great fan of "politician-in-disguise" James Dobson and this article makes me even less of one.  No time?!?!?  Are you kidding me?  Only a few days ago he was pledging his "friendship" to Ted Haggard and now he doesn’t have time to help in the restoration process.

Yeah, I guess the cheesy radio show he does takes up more time than pastoring mega-churches like Jack Hayford and Tomm Barnett.  I can only imagine how tough it is to make that 20-minute drive from Focus On The Family’s offices to Haggard’s home. It must be a piece of cake for Hayford and Barnett to fly in from other sates.  However, I guess the greatest time-schedule challenge it presents to Dobson is the one where he actually has to act like a Christian "leader" instead of talking about it on a microphone!

Hmmm, me listening to Focus On The Family’s radio program?  I no longer have the time!!!

Not Enough Time

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