Gators Baby!!!

The Gators beat Arkansas tonight to win the SEC!!!  Man, I am pumped!!!

Now comes the "great debate" on whether they should play Ohio for the national championship.  Until USC tanked tonight, it was a non-issue.  Now, it’s the talk of ESPN and sports radio stations nationwide.

Obviously, I’m biased.  However, I think there are some strong arguments why Florida should play for the national title over Michigan:

1.  Florida won the SEC.  Every coach in the NCAA recognizes that the SEC is toughest conference.

2.  Florida won in the conference with the most Top 25 teams.

3.  Florida beat almost all of those Top 25 teams.

4.  USC lost to an unranked team.

5.  Michigan didn’t win their conference – they were second place.

6.  Michigan had a shot at Ohio already and blew it.  They were close, but still blew it.

7.  Michigan plays in one of the weakest conferences in the NCAA.

8.   Michigan played very few Top 25 teams at all this year.

I’m holding my breath for the new BCS poll.   Four hours ago Gator Nation was basking in the SEC championship game.  Now we have a shot at the title.  I won’t be able to get much sleep tonight.

Gators Baby!!!