My Portable Church Planter Speakout

The folks over at the Momentum Conference blog have been posting a GREAT section entitled, "Portable Church Planters Speak Out".  If you are a portable church planter – or are planning to be one – you need to check it out!  It’s where they asked portable church planters to email in their answers to seven questions about being a portable/mobile church. They’ve printed up some cool responses by guys like Mark Batterson, Tally Wilgis, Gary Lamb, Perry Noble, Ben Arment and several others.  I sent my in . . . they never put it up on the site.  What can I say?  I get no respect I tell ya (read the previous two lines in your best Rodney Dingerfield voice).

Anyway, instead of waiting for the Momentum guys to come to their senses, I decided to go ahead and post my answers here:

#1 – How long have you been portable?

Three years

#2 – What type of facility do you meet in?  Have you met in any others?

We currently meet in a brand new YMCA.  Before that we met
in an apartment clubhouse, another church’s social hall and a large hotel
conference room.

#3 – How long does your set-up/ tear-down take?

Set up takes about an hour.  Tear down takes about 45 minutes.

#4 – What’s your biggest challenge to being portable?

Three things . . .
A) Burn out from setting up and tearing down each week.
B) Trying to darken the facility for lighting.  The gym has skylights and windows.
C) Being at the mercy of another organization’s schedule.  About
ten times a year we walk in to find several dozen teens asleep on the
floor because of a YMCA leadership lock-in.  Trying to tip-toe
around them with sound and lighting equipment gets to be pretty

#5 – What do you think is your greatest advantage to being portable?

No building debt/costs (other than rent) and it helps to
develop a great work ethic for a church body that is committed to
reaching the unchurched.

#6 – What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you being in a portable setting?

One morning while we were meeting in the hotel conference
room, I was standing in the back welcoming guests as our praise band
played.  A drunk hotel employee came up to tell me that the music
was too loud – in the process interrupting one of our first time
guests.  I told him I would get with the sound person in just a
moment to see if we could lower the sound level.  Apparently he
got angry because I didn’t immediatly handle it and shouted, "You
stupid @#!!!%, do it now or I’ll beat the @#!!!% out of you!"  He
then proceded to shove me against a wall and then took a swing at
me.  He missed and fell to the ground where he basically passed
out.  All of this was in front of the first time – and last time –
\n\n#7 – What do you wish someone would have told you about being portable that would have helped you?
\nAnswer: Don\’t financially skimp on the sound, lighting and stage\nequipment. The cheap stuff falls apart after a few months. \nIn essence, you get what you pay for!


#7 – What do you wish someone would have told you about being portable that would have helped you?

Don’t financially skimp on the sound, lighting and stage
equipment.  The cheap stuff falls apart after a few months.
In essence, you get what you pay for!

My Portable Church Planter Speakout

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  1. Hey Chris… Wow… I enjoyed reading your answer to our questions… I have a feeling you will soon be featured on our blog… Keep it up bro!

    Hope to see you in March!



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