The Christian Coalition’s Last Gasp?

I’m not sure how many folks nationwide knew about this, but since it was a Central Florida pastor it’s been big news around here.  Check out this article about the recent weirdness at the Christian Coalition.

Sometimes dinosaurs just need to know when to stop fighting to stay alive!!!

The Christian Coalition’s Last Gasp?

One thought on “The Christian Coalition’s Last Gasp?

  1. Chris,

    I never got a chance to go to Northland when I lived in O Town, but always wanted to. That article seems like great news, really. I have a Muslim friend who always harps on me about the issues that Christians hang their hats on, like abortion and gay marriage, but then people are dying from Lupus because they didn’t have the right kind of health care. This is really forming my philosophy of ministry and my God sized dreams…Sometimes God ideas come from strange places!

    On a side note..been peeping your podcast lately…Thanks for bringing the word, man. Been a blessing. I think there is something about a southern accent that really helps to bring the thunda. haha


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