Changed Music And Dropped Batterson

Over the last couple of weeks my tastes have changed and now the blog has begun to reflect it.  First off, my "Recently Played On My Ipod" sidebar changes about every other week.  Not many folks – except for me and some people at Compass Point – give a rip about what I listen to.  Besides, if it’s really good I’ll just post about in the main section.

However, there are a few blogs that I no longer read on a daily basis.  Since that sidebar section seems to get quite a few hits – and since I received two emails today about "explaining" a recent change – I thought I’d blog about.  Apparently I offended a few regular readers of my blog – which was not my intention.

Along with dumping a link to Compass Point blogger, Forest Smith (because he rarely blogs anymore), I deleted the link to Mark Batterson’s blog.  I have stopped reading it on a regular basis. 

The blogs I list in the sidebar are mainly by church planters, for church planters – since that is the majority of who reads my blog.  Over the last few months Mark’s blog has become more a source for him to pimp his book than to talk about church leadership, church planting or pastoring.   It seems as if every other posting ends with a pseudo "buy-my-book-while-supplies-last-call-now-operators-are-standing-buy" sales pitch.  I just no longer feel comfortable sending people from my site to Mark’s.

In all honesty, I received "In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day" as a gift, read it in about a week and felt it was an okay book at best.  I’m not sure the world needed another "be-all-you-can-be-live-your-destiny-be-a-risk-taker-for-Jesus" Christian motivational book.  However, I did find it to be more meaty and deeper than the fluffy Warren mega-seller "The Purpose Driven Life" or the colossal waste of paper "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Olsteen.

Anyway, sorry to those I offended by deleting St. Batterson from my blogs list.  I’ve always put quite a bit of value in honesty and authenticity.  Therefore, if I’m not reading a blog on a daily basis, I’m not going to list it under the sidebar title "Blogs I Read Everyday".

Changed Music And Dropped Batterson

4 thoughts on “Changed Music And Dropped Batterson

  1. Chris,

    I meant to tell you the other night I saw Joel Olsteen on 20/20 and I was shocked. I had heard is name floating around through church people but never realized what a psycho he was. It sort of reminded be of Jim Baker back in the day. Basically the whole Say it Claim it theory. And if he ever smiled at me like he was on that show I would dropkick him. No, but seriously it made me appreciate even more how much I love Compass Point.


  2. Sorry Ben. I know the book made your favorites list. I’m just not that moved by Christian motivational books. I’m even less moved by shameless self promotion. I ue to love Mark’s blog, now I rarely drop by.


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