A Message From The Future

For all you West Coast readers of this blog…I am typing this from the future as it is 1:30 AM here and only 10:39 PM there.  So far 2007 is pretty cool and there have already been some major historical developments.  So far:

1.  Ryan Seacrest was killed in a bizarre accident when the Times Square ball dropped on him…thus answering the prayers of millions world-wide.

2. The guys from Coldplay bought a guitar and a distortion pedal.

3. Mark Batterson has written, released and begun to shamelessly self-promote his new book, "How To Field Dress A Dead Lion Without Getting Entrails In Your Snowy Pit."

4. Brian McLaren has been elected the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

5. Hilary Clinton has announced Monica Lewinsky as her running mate for Vice-President.

6. Bono took off those damn sunglasses!

7. Tony Morgan was seen using a flannel board and puppets.

8. Fellowship Church has announced plans to work with NASA in launching the first video-venue multi-site church on Neptune.

9. Congress passed a bill prohibiting white, redneck church planters from doing "the worm" on video.

10.  Joel Osteen finally admitted that he is the illegitimate son of Mr. Rogers.

Happy New Year’s everyone.  Welcome to 2007.  It’s going to be a great year!!!

A Message From The Future

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  1. Hey…my name is Skyler Goodman and I just stumbled across your blog from the twisted and intertwined world of links! But I have to say, I am hooked! I actually had tears in my eyes as I read over some of these post! Thanks alot! Great to meet you!


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