The Most Important Blogs For 2007

Lately my posts have been pretty tongue in cheek or used humor to drive home a more serious point.  However, this post is 100% serious.

I truly believe that the face of church planting…and church leadership is changing.  2007 will…in my humble opinion…see quite a bit of change in how church and ministry is done.  With that in mind, I believe that the following five blogs are currently the most important ones on the Internet for all church planters, pastors and staff:

Tadd Grandstaff – Tadd is still a ways off from his church plant’s official launch.  However, he is asking all of the right questions, concentrating on all the right things and providing thought-provoking posts about the core essence of planting a church in the 21st Century.  He has become a catalyst to take me back to some of those initial questions I was asking before Compass Point launched…and should be asking again!

Jonathan Herron – Jonathan just launched Catalyst Church near Kent State University.  Considered one of the most unchurched areas in Ohio, it is filled with artistic college students that could care less about going to church.  However, through grassroots marketing and innovative approaches (that should have landed Catalyst on that piece of crap Outreach Magazine list – more on that later), Jonathan has followed his calling and is reaching his community in a mighty way for Christ.  His blog is both inspiring and a look into the future of church planting!

Gary Lamb – Yeah, I know we are friends and therefore some may see this listing as biased. However, in getting to know Gary I can honestly say I have never met a person more in love with God and his community.  He really doesn’t give a rip about the latest church planting trends, instead he concentrates only on what will grow his people spiritually and reach the unchurched of Canton, Georgia. Gary’s blog is the definitive manual for church leadership in today’s churches.  His people skills, combined with his almost-obsessive desire to reach disconnected people for Christ has helped to mold Ridgestone into a truly outward-focused evangelistic church.  They may never win any MTV Music Video Awards, but they will continue to reach North Georgia in a mighty way for the Kingdom of God!

Johnny Brooks – He may not be a name that pops up on your radar very often, but he has a blog I check everyday!  He and his family (wife and 3 children) left everything here to go to Africa in order to reach people for Jesus Christ.  Based out of Kenya, Johnny travels to many other African countries spreading the hope of Christ through true servanthood. His approach to missions is so different…and refreshing…than other missionaries I’ve come in contact with over the years.  His blog records all of the triumphs…and heartaches…his family faces as they serve God on the frontlines of foreign ministry.  I truly believe that future missionaries will be quoting Johnny’s posts in the years to come as a blueprint for reaching other cultures for Christ!

Dr. Al Mohler – Love him or hate him, he is the voice of the evangelical community.  More than the Driscolls, Bells, McLarens or Warrens, the nation’s top media outlets turn to him for quotes, guest appearances and debate panels.  He speaks for you, he speaks for me, he speaks for all of us…and his blog is a great way to gather insight into what he is thinking.  Time Magazine named him one of the "Top 25 Most Influential Religious Leaders For The 21st Century" and they hit the nail on the head.  For most unchurched folks he is the only face of Christianity and the Church that they will ever see.  I’m comfortable with that!

The Most Important Blogs For 2007

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