T1_bakerMy prayer life rocks…the Gators win the National Championship!!!  Florida also made history as the only NCAA school to win national championships in football AND basketball in the same year.

I hope this finally puts to bed the disrespect the SEC gets every year from the press and coaches.  The Gators didn’t just beat Ohio, we handed them their ass!!!  I mean, when guys are making tackles with no helmet on, it shows my boys came to play hard-hitting football!  Other than the first, lucky opening play, Ohio wasn’t even a factor.  The Gator defense just totally dominated and Chris Leak played a perfect game.

On behalf of Gator Nation and myself, a HUGE "thank you" goes to UCLA.  Without them beating USC we would have never made it to the Big Dance!!!

Needless to say, there will be very little sleep in the Elrod house tonight!


One thought on “THE GATORS WIN!!!

  1. Chris,

    Being a huge football fan and former player there are some things I don’t understand. Yes Ohio spanked my Wolverines but don’t you think after the qb goes 8 for 8 on 5 and out flag routes that you would move your freaking linebackers up or at least play man on the receivers. Secondly, when you let a backup qb rush up the middle untouched your defensive coordinator needs to kill himself. Third, when you lose your best wr to injury…. pound the damn ball. Now I understand that they were confused by the formations from Florida but still that is why they invented man to man coverage. But hey sorry I missed your call I was dead asleep and missed it. Congrats on the win it will definitely help my Wolverines when the drop the rankings next year and it will solidfy my Raiders drafting Jamarcus Russell!


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