Well, quite a bit has happened since I took a break from blogging last week.

1. The Slice of Laodicea relaunched with a new name, a new look and the same old crap.

2. I’ve discovered I’m the only blogger in the whole world that could care less that "24" is back on (Some time ago I set my television to The History Channel and intentionally broke the knob off).

3. In between the daily report of how many boxes of his book he has in the garage, Mark Batterson posted a really great article about vision.

4. No one gave a rip about this intentionally offensive posting on my blog, but I’m still getting hammered in emails about this one.

5. My friend Gary got pretty honest about some boneheads in his life with this post and this post.

However, the biggest news while I was away was the announcement that Tony Morgan was leaving Granger Community Church to work with Perry Noble at Newspring.  Yeah, I know I am late to the party with this post, but I was gone on a staff retreat for Compass Point and cut off from the blogging world.

I mentioned Tony and the two churches because I was really impressed by how they handled the whole thing.  No, this isn’t some cheap attempt to get Tony to invite me to his "going away party" after my comments concerning his "25 Most Innovative Churches" debacle (I thought Outreach Magazine listing innovative churches was way cool, but ranking them numerically from best to not-so-best was one of the all-time brain dead blunders – especially since the majority of the voting "panel" ended up on the list).  This posting is simply here to give credit where credit is due and to say "kudos" for a job well done.

Tony is a very well-known guy and a true expert in his field.  His blog and  books have inspired many of us in church planting – myslef included.  Perry Noble is also a very well-known guy in the world of blogging.  His lessons in leadership have been legendary among recent church planters.  To top all of that off, Granger and Newspring are incredibly innovative churches that have blazed a trail for other church leaders to follow.  All of this combined could have made for a very awkward…and publicly negative transition for Tony.  It could have lent itself to hurtful rumors, conspiracy theories and accusations from outside parties.  Yet, it has gone smoothly due to the amount of online communication by all of the folks involved.

Perry, Tony, Granger and Newspring showed great wisdom in the way that they squashed all of the potential rumors before they could get started.  Their blog postings, letters to their congregations and willingness to be open with everyone about the change really set a positive tone.  They showed all of us in church leadership that change is a good thing…and a God thing! They also showed the proper way to handle a potentially misunderstood situation.

Thanks guys for setting a great example!!!


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  1. First things first…your blog makes me laugh. Secondly…thanks for your kudos. We worked hard to make this transition work and so I’m thankful for your kind words.


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