When The Big Mo Dies

As I have stated many times on this blog, I believe in complete honesty and brutal truth.  Week after week I try to be humorous in stating what I perceive to be truth.  Today is not one of those days…you’ll still get the truth, just no humor.  The problem is…I’m bummed.  Church sucked this morning at Compass Point!!!  The music was great, the sermon could have been better (as always), but the real problem is the climate of emotions…or lack thereof.

I know most of you in "church planting land" are used to many of us bloggers talking about how great Sunday was and how our people are the best…blah, blah, blah.  Today isn’t one of those days on this blog.

Church planting is hard work with many difficult days.  There is very little middle ground for a church planter.  You don’t just have "a day".  Either the day is really up or really down…there is rarely just a middle-of-the-road day emotionally.  You go from loving people to daydreaming about choking them.  One day you think you can crash the gates of Hell with a squirt gun and the next day you wife is hiding the sharp objects in the house.  Some Sundays rock and some Sundas suck…there are very few "normal" Sundays in the life of a church planter.  It seems like an endless ride on a bipolar roller coaster.

Alot of it depends on the "Big Mo".  For those in the dark, the "Big Mo" is momentum.  The life cycle of a church’s ministry, outreach and numerical growth rises and falls with the "Big Mo".  It’s a combination of the moving of the Holy Spirit, an air of expectation and a level of excitement that draws people in.  All in all, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!!!  When the "Big Mo" is not there it can feel pretty damn lonely for a shepherd!

Compass Point had the "Big Mo" cranking when we hit Christmas.  Christmas sucks!!!  The holiday season almost always knocks the wind out of a church’s sails that is  reaching 20-somethings.  It did it again this year.

Things were happening, people were joining, folks were getting saved, the tithe money was flowing and guests were packing the place.  In essence, you could feel the prescence of God almost every Sunday and the "Big Mo" moving.  Then comes Christmas and New Year.  Attendance is down, the money is tight, leadership is complaining about being "burned out", no one is inviting guests and volunteers are dropping likes flies.  It happens almost every year like some kind of "after Christmas" church-wide depression.  I should be prepared for it.  Yet, somehow it always catches me off guard and I get really bummed out.

We’ll get the "Big Mo" back…we always do.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  God and I will spend some quality time together working through this.  Compass Point will get back to normal and ministry will take place again.

However, for today…the sharp objects have been safely locked away.

When The Big Mo Dies

One thought on “When The Big Mo Dies

  1. Sorry you had such a rough weekend, Chris. As a church planter myself, I know the feeling. (Can I still call myself a church planter if the church is just over 6 years old?)

    If this is a regular pattern for you guys, what do you think you could do differently next year to flow with it? Or to capitalize on it? Some churches take a Sunday off during that time. Others do something totally outside the norm — like go totally traditional, or a capella, or … Maybe your whole church could plan to visit (and bless with an offering) a liturgical-style church in the area that does Christmas services really well? Who knows. Lots of ideas out there.

    And then you plan for a big “Welcome Back!” service after the holidays. Or something. A post-Christmas gift-exchange party?

    Maybe Christmas/New Year can become like the slight pause you experience as you push in the clutch and shift into the next gear…


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