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I recently visited a blog by the lead pastor of a church (which shall remain nameless) and saw that he had a disclaimer on it.  You guys know the disclaimer I’m talking about.  The one that goes, "My opinions on this here blog may not exactly represent the things the church believes, most Christians believe or the things the lead pastor unchains me to say."  I expect to see one of those disclaimers on blogs by church staff members or leadership.  However, I have problems with it when I see a disclaimer on the blog of the lead pastor.

I am a firm believer that a church begins to take on the personality of the lead pastor…like it or not.  I’m also a firm believer in a lead pastor being who he really is both on and off the pulpit.  I understand that God is the ultimate leader of the church, but a Lead Pastor must infuse himself into lifeblood of his church.

So here is my deal…if the writings of a Lead Pastor on his blog is not the thoughts or beliefs of his church, then what the heck is he even doing in the pulpit?  Everything a lead pastor says, writes or speaks should be the thoughts and beliefs of his flock…or at least where he’s trying to lead his flock!  However, the bigger concern is this…which one is the authentic lead pastor when you see a disclaimer on his blog?  The one in the pulpit or the one on the blog?

Blog Disclaimers

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  1. What you are saying is true. When I was an associate with a blog I had to do a disclaimer because my thoughts didn’t always line up with the senior pastor. Now being the Senior Pastor can I really separate the two?


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