To My Church Planting Friend

A friend of mine…who is about to launch his church plant…emailed me about being discouraged.  This is for him…and others that are in the same boat.

Hey man, don’t get discouraged.  Keep in mind that it’s not about the
launch, it’s about the long haul.  You are planting a church…not a
launch event!  The launch day is just the FIRST day…there will be
many more beyond it.  Some of those days will be great and some will not be so great.  The cool thing is that there is always tomorrow to make
a change, focus on something new or…clean up the mess that was made
yesterday.   God will always be there to lead, guide and refresh your vision!

As for the launch team…don’t sweat it.  Some folks will be with you forever and some will be with
you for a short time.  Half of your launch team will bail on you in the
first year and a bunch of new folks…with greater vision…will fill their
place.  Some of them you won’t mind losing, others will cause you to cry yourself to sleep
over seeing them go.  However, they all contribute to the journey…and the experience.  God knows which ones have the faith and vision to travel where you must go.  Trust Him…and not your own instincts…to provide the right traveling companions.

for money, staff and resources…there is never going to be enough.   You don’t need money…or staff…or resources…to plant a church.  Saddleback started with three folks (Rick Warren, his wife and a guy that was showing them homes) and NO money.  The truth is that some folks promise you the moon and don’t deliver.  Others promise you nothing and then come through in a big way.  Don’t rely on any of them.
God’s going to provide you with what you need in order to accomplish His vision.

Just keep in mind, where your journey begins is not where it will end.  It will go on after you are gone and will reach people beyond your own abilities.  At the end of your travels there will have been many trials and tribulations…triumphs and defeats.  There will be war wounds and medals…conquering heroes and those that fell in battle.  The will be stories upon stories to tell…some good…some bad.  But at the end of the day you get to say that God took you on a journey that only a few choice individuals get to travel.  You get the honor and privilege of saying that you were a church planter.

Stay strong…do not be discouraged…the greatest experience of your life is about to begin!

To My Church Planting Friend

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