Albums I Couldn’t Live Without

My wife is getting completely sick of all my compact discs and ancient cassette tapes laying around the house…not to mention the thousands of songs I’ve downloaded to my iPod.  She keeps threatening to clean them out for me.  I keep threatening to hide her body where the cops can’t find it if she does. 🙂

We have worked out a fairly agreeable living arrangement as far as our individual stuff goes.  She doesn’t mess with my music albums and I don’t mess with…well…pretty much everything else in the house.  Her recent threats have upset the balance of that relationship.  As a Rich Mullins fan, she doesn’t understand…nor see…the value of…say…Metallica’s "Ride The Lightning" album or The Clash’s "London Calling".  What a pity!!!

However, it did get me thinking about something.  What if I could only have ten compact discs?  What if I couldn’t have all the music in my collection?  What could I live without and what would kill me to get rid of?  After several days of thinking, pondering and agonizing over the decision, I finally came up with ten albums that I just couldn’t live a life of quality without.

Not wanting to make the same mistake that Outreach Magazine did with their list, I’d like to make a few disclaimers before I give the "winners":

1. I am the only one on the panel of judges.  This was mainly because it’s music for my ears…and my ears alone.  I’d deem no one else (except maybe Gary Lamb or Justin Todd Herod) qualified to make such an important decision.

2. The musical criteria I used for coming to this conclusion consisted of whether the band rocked, could I listen to the entire album without skipping a song, do I wake up in the morning yearning to hear a song off the album…and finally…can you do some serious air-guitar shredding to the album?

3. There is no particular order to this list.  I did not want to create some kind of perceived contest or ranking for these albums.  I have no desire to be personally responsible for the guys in Aerosmith beating the crap out of the Cheap Trick guys at a "Innovative Classic Rock Bands Convention" because they didn’t make the Top Five.

4. Yes, I realize that GNR’s album is the only non-live album on the list.  Yes, I know GNR has a live album which could have made the list.  The only problem with GNR’s live album is that when you put it in your compact disc player you have to wait forty-five minutes to an hour before it actually begins.  SIDE NOTE – Only those folks that have tried to see GNR live will get the previous joke.

With all of that said, I now give you "the list".  Scroll down the sidebar to the right.  You should see "the list" about halfway down the page.  Browse, comment, be disgusted…but most of all…enjoy!

Albums I Couldn’t Live Without

2 thoughts on “Albums I Couldn’t Live Without

  1. Love the list.
    GnR is #1 for me.
    Love the Journey CD
    Believe it or not, I love the Knight Ranger one as well.
    I would had to put Cinderella in their place but I do love Knight Ranger.


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