The BIG MO Is Back (a.k.a., I Can’t Wait For Sunday)

The Big Mo wasn’t dying at Compass Point a few weeks back, it was just hiding.  🙂

The last several weeks have been off-the-chain!  The music is pumping, the messages are better (I’m getting in more study time), the excitement level is rising and folks are responding by stepping up to leadership…and bringing friends with them to church.  Not just any friends, but unchurched friends.  It has been a blast.

Last night real late, we found out that there is a scheduling conflict with our band’s rehearsal studio.  We had planned to introduce a new version of an old hymn and maybe get in a "Flock Of Seagulls" tune (for the cheesy 80’s feel that several of our 20-somethings get a kick out of) while people were leaving after the service.  Needless to say, practice was canceled for this week.  My worship leader and I aren’t sweating it…in fact we love this part of the job.  The whole "gotta be flexible because you never know what’s going to happen" thing is really exciting.  For structured folks, leading a church plant would drive them crazy.  However, for me it’s like an adrenaline rush!!!

Anyway, we’re all going in early Sunday morning to tune the room with our new DBX Drive Rack unit (don’t ask me I have no clue, but our drummer is almost giddy with excitement). After that, the band will find out what they can pull off musically and make the necessary changes to accommodate.  After that we get to see the magic happen.

You see, what I’m really pumped up about is that when something goes wrong during the week…God shows up in a big on the weekend!!!  I can’t wait for Sunday!!!

The BIG MO Is Back (a.k.a., I Can’t Wait For Sunday)