The Police are back at it again and I’m pumped!!!  They just kicked off the Grammys and are right in the middle of "Roxanne".  I may be a little biased, but they still sound amazing.  They are holding a press conference tomorrow to announce what most people feel will be a full-fledged tour.  I’m stoked!  Barring $100+ tickets I’ll be there.  I saw them four times in the 80’s and will do everything I can to catch them in the 21st Century also.

I really never thought I see this day come around again.  I know The Police did the Amnesty International dates back in 1986 and the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies several years back (along with a pretty drunken set at Sting’s private wedding).  I just expected a full-on reunion tour.

Well, they just finished the song, so I can change over to another channel.  If I were up for a Grammy myself, I might actually watch the whole thing.  🙂

You don’t have to put on the red light…


One thought on “THE POLICE!!!

  1. Big time disappointed. I thought they were great but I thought that would do a mix of their songs.

    I know you are going to hate me for saying this but the Dixie Chicks just rocked!


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