No Sirius Love

Up until today Sirius Satellite Radio had a really cool channel called “Revolution” It featured harder-edged Christian music by such artists as Fireflight, Nevertheless, DecembeRadio, etc. This morning it went dark. That sucks!

Sirius sent out an email yesterday saying that they had combined the entire “Revolution” playlist into a daily show on the “Spirit” channel. I went to that channel this morning. It really sucked!!! It’s stuff like Avalon, Michael W. Smith and Natalie Grant. If I wanted cheese I’d have found a happy cow in California.

I’m feeling no Christian hard rock love from Sirius right now.

No Sirius Love

One thought on “No Sirius Love

  1. Yea I was very pissed this morning and have already called them and voiced my opinion. If you call them they will bring it back. Since it is something we pay for they want to make you happy.


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