Better Connected

Wow, what a busy 72-hours!  I have been on the go since Sunday morning and am dead tired.  Tonight I’m just hanging out at home, listening to some Ray Charles and answering emails. 

Obviously, I preached first thing Sunday, then I headed off to Orlando to spend time with a church-planting friend.  Drove back, making phone calls all the way home (I hate wasting time) and worked on writing a magazine article that is due this week.

Monday I had to speak at a funeral for a very special friend (more on her in a later post) and then got to hang out with Denise all day.  She was off for President’s Day so we got to spend some quality time together.  Monday night I led our normal "pub club" Connexxion group then joined  some friends at Bedrock’s Sports Pub for hot wings and NBA watching.  I didn’t make it back home until around 1:00 AM.

Yesterday it was back to Orlando for a lunch meeting with some guys with BIG vision and then hung out at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention for a while.  I made it back to Lakeland in time for dinner with Denise and then hung out with the Compass Point band at their weekly practice.

While In Orlando I got to hang out with an author that also planted a mega-church.  It was pretty cool watching him function at the conference and lunch.  He has a ton of "irons in the fire" and is always working on some new ideas.  It was really inspiring and helped me to see some things I need to improve in my life.  I have got to get better at saying "no" to some things, prioritizing other things and getting better connected so I can return contacts in a timely manner.

With the later in mind, I finally broke down and bought the Blackberry-installed Nokia E62 smart phone.  AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) offered me a really great upgrade (I’ve been an AT&T Wireless costumer since 1992) in order to close the deal.  Thus far I love it, though there is no built-in camera.  I really like that I can answer emails and check the Web anytime or anywhere I have cell service.  I’ve already used it to blog on another site I contribute to.  It worked great!  I can’t wait to do some live blogging on it from the Conference in Atlanta next week.

Speaking of the conference, I’ll be arriving in Atlanta around 8:00 PM Sunday night.  I’m staying at the Comfort Suites in Cummings until EARLY Wednesday morning.  I’ve already got a few punches on my dance card for Monday night, but would love to make some new friends the rest of the time.  Just drop me an email (chris elrod at gmail dot com) and we’ll make a date.  All in all, I’m looking forward to a wonderful time of learning, dreaming and building relationships.  It’s going to rock!!!

Better Connected