The Question That Plagues Me

Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Church recently conducted a Q&A with Tim Stevens of Granger Community Church.  In the interview Bill said:

"The goal (of the church), is to slowly make believers
independent. We (as a church and pastors) should focus our attention on introducing
people to Christ, and then helping them grow to a certain point. After
that–they should feed themselves and focus on helping the church
introduce more people to Christ."

If the measurement of a truly discipled Christian is that they can spiritually feed themselves and others…which I agree with Bill Hybels on…then my question is:

If a pastor looks out from his pulpit to a congregation of thousands…and only half of them can feed themselves spiritually and lead others…is the church truly a success?

At Compass Point the ball has begun to roll, momentum is gaining speed and numeric growth is inevitable.  However, the question above is one that plagues me all of the time…

The Question That Plagues Me

One thought on “The Question That Plagues Me

  1. The Church is the body of Christ, and the Body cannot fail. The Church can only be a success.

    You are overlooking one vital point. You can only plant the seed. It is up each individual Christian to take responbility for his/her growth. Remember what Jesus said to Peter when he asked Jesus about John. Peter posed this question to Jesus: “What about him?”, refering to John. What was in essence His reply to this question? “What is that to you, you follow Me.”

    You are not responsible for another’s spiritual growth. All you can do is present the message. An individual after the message is presented must take the initiative to follow. You must never let what you see plague you. You cannot see into the future. You want success and now, and not on God’s terms. Is this not so? Continue to plant the seed. What you see as a mustard seed not taking root could in the future (which you cannot see) become a “tree” with many branches.

    Be patient. Plant the seed. Don’t measure success as you think success should be measured. What is that success to you? You follow Me.


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