Conference: Day 1

Day #1 is in the books for the Conference here in Atlanta.  It’s been a really good day and I was able to hang out with a bunch of fellow bloggers (Gary, Tadd, Travis and Scott).  While I’d love to give a blow-by-blow account of everything that each presenter said today…I’m just too freakin’ tired to do so.  In a nutshell, I will run down the highlights.

Best Quote Of The Day: "Most church planters plant the church in their head, not the church that is needed for their culture." – Ed Stetzer

Best Overall Presentation: Without a doubt, Gary Lamb.  I realize I may be a little biased because of our friendship, but the dude flat brough it today!!!  He talked about going all out to reach the disconnected…and the brother laid it on the line.  He didn’t pull any punches about what it looks like when your church reaches primarily unchurched people…it wasn’t pretty.  So many church plant "wannabes" talk about reaching unchurched folks, but when they actually show up on Sunday it’s ugly, uncomfortable and messy.  If the audience had the mistake that church planting was glamorous, Gary flat laid a dose of reality on them.

Most Embarassing Moment: When I got called out from the main stage by Ed Stetzer for this post.  I deserved it!  🙂

Coolest People Met:  While I got to meet and hang out with a lot of cool people today, there are two that stuck out.  One is Travis Johnson.  We met up for dinner along the way up here and it was a real treat.  I have read his blog for a few months now, but never actually met him.  He and I have been hanging out together for the better part of two days…and the guy is the real deal.  He literally would give you the shirt off his back and has a true servant’s heart.

The other guy is Landon Reesor and he’s a church planter in freakin’ Conneticut.  Who in their right mind plants a church in the Northeast?  This guy…and he’s got some pretty great ideas.  His church and Compass Point seem to be a lot alike.  I look forward to having more conversations with him in the future.

Most Impressed Me:  Hands down, it was the volunteer staff of Mountain Lake Church.  When I pulled into the parking lot this morning there was this bald-headed dude wearing silver sunglasses with a huge smile on his face directing traffic.  It just set the tone for the whole day.  The Moutain Lake volunteers always smiled, always displayed professionalism and were a true example of Godly servants.  This is…by far…is the most organized…and pleasant…conference I’ve been to. Thanks in no small part to the volunteer staff.  Shawn Lovejoy, your people rock!!!

Tomorrow will be a jam-packed day.  My plans are to grab some dinner with Gary after the conference and then head immediately for Lakeland.  I won’t get home until around 2:00 AM, but my Dad is scheduled for a heart procedure at the hospital on Wednesday and I feel I need to be there for my Mom.  Anyways, I’m not sure if I’ll get to blog much about Day #2, but I’ll catch up on Thursday.  I’ll also give a more detailed account of each presentation before the week is out.

To all those that are attending the conference, I’ll see you in the morning.  I’m heading to bed!!! Conference: Day 1

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  1. I enjoyed hanging with you as well, Chris. Thanks for putting me on a cool list…wanted to be on one of those since I got beaten up by a girl in the 6th grade. Granted, she was a beast who had been held back four or five years. She went by the name “The Crusher.”


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