The Short Version

So I go and pour my heart and soul into the previous post, only to get an email from someone I do not know telling me that folks "don’t want to read novel" when they visit my blog.  He "encouraged" me to break things down into shorter…more concise posts.  I just had to laugh.

Anyway, for those that can’t bear to read the previous dissertation of my life last week, here is the short version in a nutshell:

1. I need to live with more urgency and unction.

2. I apologized to Mark Batterson, Tony Morgan, Rick Warren and Ed Stetzer for some of the things I’ve blogged about them in the past.

3. Gary Lamb helped to remind me that my greatest passion is to reach disconnected people.

4. I’m going to stay a Southern Baptist for the time being.

5. Having Travis Johnson as a friend is really great.

6. Even though my church is a post-modern church, there is much I can learn from a modern church.

7 & 9. I’m not all that crazy about living in Florida, but I could never live in Atlanta because of the traffic.

8. I’m too ADD for corporate worship.

10.  God is faithful.

The Short Version

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