Rap Music

As a lover of music, I have always appreciated rap music as an art form.  I’ve been blown away at times by the social and cultural commentary but such rap artists as Public Enemy, Arrested Development and Missy Elliot.  Some of my favorite college memories are of dancing at Sigma Nu parties to Run DMC (can you rock it like this…well I can rock it like that…can you rock it like this…boyeeee).

However, in the last year or so rap…on normal radio…has become nothing but violence, filth and explicit sex.  I struggled with what I saw it doing to the kids I substitute teach in middle and high school.  I don’t want to ever appear as an "old fart" that is out of touch with what people listen to today…but I was really disturbed by the negative lyrical images being portrayed by the majority of rap musicians today.  In my humble opinion it has almost become a cartoon-like ego stroke for a bunch of would-be gang member posers.  In essence, rap music…at large…has really come past it’s point of relevance in today’s society.

Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks this.  CNN.com has an excellent article this morning about the reasons that rap music has begun a free fall in sales…a 21% decline in the last year alone.  That is huge!!!

Anyone working with student ministry or a younger population in their church should take a moment and check it out.

Rap Music

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