We Need A More Manly Church

I don’t like most worship music and/or worship leaders today.  There…I said it.  I know this may come as a shock to folks that normally read this blog because I write about music a lot!  However, I really don’t get into modern praise music or most of the people that lead it…and write it.

The biggest problem for me is that I’m a man…and most of the worship culture in America today seems to be for…women.  I prefer manly men singing manly songs about a manly God.  However, many of the worship leaders I’ve seen lately are wearing t-shirts imprinted with girly graphics (not to mention skinny women’s jeans), drinking stupid-named sissy coffee, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing songs in some kind of high-pitched feminine voice that sounds like Air Supply on pot.   It all sounds like Coldplay or…freakin’ Gordon Lighfoot…two pretty wussy music artists.

For instance, I was watching a live worship DVD the other day…and all the "guys" were just…well…pretty…and prissy…sort of in a Freddie Mercury/Richard Simmons kind of way.  I liked some of their music until I saw the DVD and then my stomach couldn’t handle it.  I mean, the lead singer was wearing more make-up than my wife.  I know they have to use some make-up in videos for the cameras…but this guy would make Boy George feel uncomfortable.

I think this has a lot to do with the reason that men have stopped coming to church…the music and the message…is not for them.  Church is being done to attract women.  I’s not just the worship leaders that are doing it, pastors are just as guilty these days because many have started preaching "felt needs" (awwww, isn’t that sweet) instead of the Word of God.  Then you put sappy, say-the-same-words-20-times music with it…and you’ve got a Mary Kay party.   We’ve got to "man up" in the church today!

The songs of yesterday were hymns about blood, victory and battle put to the beer drinking tunes of the day.  Manly stuff that makes me want to go pee in the woods just writing about.  Today we sing about love, peace and joy put to music that sounds like The Wiggles.   Excuse me while I go watch Oprah and hug myself.  To top it off, most preachers seem to get their topical message ideas from watching one episode of The View.  May God have mercy on our soul.

This is not an "I’ve-lost-touch-with-today-because-I’m-an-old-fart" or pro "Wild-At-Heart" cultural thing.  I’ve heard these same views expressed by many unchurched, artistic 20-something men.  Musically they want AC/DC and we give them Celine Dion.  Lyrically they want Tom Clancy and we give them Danielle Steel.  Spiritually they want Braveheart and we give them Sleepless In Seattle.  Everywhere I turn there’s this…estrogen…feel to church.  It’s all so safe, sappy and sad.

If the church is going to be relevant in the coming generations we’ve got to get back to reaching men…and helping them become Godly husbands and fathers.  In order for the church to reach men we’ve got to have music on Sundays that has the lyrical depth of John Newton, the musical kick of Guns N’ Roses and led by a man that looks like Ted Nugent.  In order for the church to reach men we’ve got to have sermons that hit like a NFL linebacker, spoken in a voice as bold as a WCW wrestler and led by a man that acts like…John The Baptist.  If there’s one thing that today’s society of broken marriages and children with no father figure has taught us…it’s that we need more manly churches!!!

We Need A More Manly Church

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    Relevant to yesterdays post, I found a post by Chris Elrod regarding music in the church. Hes got a point about the feminization of the church. Here are a few concluding paragraphs from his blog on the subject. You can read the whole article her…


  2. “If the church is going to be relevant in the coming generations we’ve got to get back to reaching men…and helping them become Godly husbands and fathers.”

    I like this quote. It seems from my experience that men’s ministry is downplayed in churches. Sure, the pastors verbalize their support but hardly ever show up at events to support the ministry or take part in the men’s leadership committees. I see the children’s ministry, the youth ministry, and women’s ministries all being promoted above men’s ministry. Doesn’t anyone really see the need here? Yes, I agree that the church needs to begin reaching men once again. I know, as a man, I need it. Great post! God Bless you.

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  3. Cary says:

    I agree that there has been a feminizing of the church. I do not agree that it needs to become more “manly” in an American male sort of way as your post seems to suggest. The songs need to be about a holy God, who is neither male nor female, but “A Mighty Fortress is our God, a bulwark never faileth.” And “Crown Him with many crowns, the lamb upon the throne.” In other words, the problem is not how sissified the music is, but who the music is about. That is not “manning up,” that is praising and worshiping the Creator rather than the Creature.

    By the way, I refuse to sing “In the Garden,” even though its an old-time hymn. Now that is a true sissy song that makes God sound like a fairy princess meeting me in a pretty garden with lots of lily pads in a trickling pond and speaks to me in a soft, soothing, New Age voice.


  4. as a female respondent to this post…I completely agree. I’ve seen how the doily pervasive entry-ways and floral patterned couches create an covert barrier to the men seeking the overcoming, warrior, awesome and fear-inducing King…if we don’t give the men of this generation the outlet for their God-Given assertion, there are many other religions out there that capitalize on this desire [to the detriment of other’s lives].
    Well said, fellow blogger, well said.


  5. Actually, there are a few girls out here who’d pick Tom Clancy over Danielle Steele, and Braveheart over Sleepless in Seattle (in fact, I saw Braveheart five times and still haven’t seen Sleepless). I don’t think the music has to get rough to bring about change, but we definitely need to equip men to be men. Sure, there was a need to explain that being the head of the household didn’t mean a woman was your slave, but it also doesn’t mean that the man becomes a woman.

    Of course, I think this is not something peculiar to the church. Feminists have basically brought society to a place where masculinity is viewed almost as an aberration, while typically female behavior is promoted as being the norm. (As in areas where schools have banned recess, because it favors male activities, and boys with nowhere to burn off energy get put on Ritalin.)

    So it doesn’t have to be Ted Nugent (as much as I love the man’s views on politics and Second Amendment rights), because loud does not equal masculine, but the church definitely needs to show men what it’s like to be men, in a world where these things are increasingly confused — and where a man can get dressed down for opening a door for the wrong woman. So I think it’s not just about making them more manly, it’s about making them more secure in that, once they know what it looks like.


  6. I think there’s something underneath the worship styles – I know my own hubby gets sick and tired of the “woe is me, I have struggles” approach from men’s groups lately…he’s all for accountability, but all the whining about how hard it is and holding meeting after meeting to lament and complain… is wasting tons of time when they could be out there fighting the battle instead of crying about how hard the battle is. It has become a narcissistic religion to talk about struggles. He thinks it’s king David all over again – if men would get in the battle – they wouldn’t have the time to watch Bathsheba on the internet.


  7. Mark V says:

    I’ve always believed there should be NO music at church services. It doesn’t belong any more than painting, swimming or cooking does. Can you imagine the lunacy of pastors wasting time arguing with their chefs over what sort of cake to serve the congregation? Or whether the painters will paint a landscape or something more abstract during the service? Or whether the crawlstroke or freestyle serves the younger member’s needs better? All to the glory of God, of course. After all, we know what’s best for Him, and we’ll give him what we darn well please!!

    Sorry, church is when we need to put the idols away – not on display.


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