Bad Teeth

I have bad teeth.  It’s not because I don’t brush…I do.  It’s one of those things left over from my former life as a Christian comedian.  I once got really bad food poisoning from an egg at Cracker Barrel.  The long and the short of it is that it left me with severe acid reflux for about eight years.  That’s eight years of getting acid "blow back" several times a week and blowing oats.  Every time I spewed the undigested acid would pass over my teeth…this burning off the enamel.  The doctors tried to prepare me for this day…but nevertheless it is here.

Over the last two years I have had five root canals and six tooth extractions.  The back of my mouth makes me look like a character from the movie "Deliverance".  I suppose the acid reflux and bad teeth is my "thorn". 

My thorn has stuck me again.  A HUGE piece of one of my molars broke off yesterday.  Today the pain is almost unbearable.  Nothing…including over the counter and under the counter pain killers…is stopping the hurt.  It’s nothing compared to what other folks have to endure..but it is making me a little miserable…and grumpy…tonight.

Tomorrow I get to have the thing extracted.  It sucks having the shots to deaden the affected area…but it so cool when the tooth comes out.  It’s like instant relief!!!

I have no clue why I shared this with everyone in the blogosphere tonight…I guess it was just to have something to talk about.  I guess the other reason is to say…the Devil looks for any way to cause problems.  All church planters and leader out there…stay prayed up…and away from half-cooked eggs.  🙂

Bad Teeth

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