Kickin’ It Old School

Just chillin’ tonight, reveling in the fact I get to drive a classic car around and digging on the privilege I get by being a church planter.  God just rocked my world in a good way today!!!

I decided to dig waaaayyyy back in my compact disc collection and pulled out some old school Christian rock…Servant’s "Rockin’ Revival".  It’s totally early 80’s Christian rock cheese…but at the time it was like gold.  I still get this weird…"going back to Bethel" feeling when I hear stuff like Servant, Rick Cua, Resurrection Band, Leslie Phillips, Steve Taylor and old pre-Schlitt Petra.  In all honesty…if it wasn’t for those CCM artists…and a praying mama…I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.  I’d probably be strung out in a gutter somewhere.

Kickin’ It Old School

One thought on “Kickin’ It Old School

  1. Oh wow…I know what you mean. I was diggin on Petra, Stryper, Larry Norman and my personal fav David and The Giants.
    You’re right…it was cheese…but it was just what a “metal head” who gave his heart to Jesus needed to get his “rock fix”.
    It kept me from going insane having to listen to too much of the Gaithers or the Lanny Wolfe Trio. (not that there is anything wrong with them…just not for me)

    I have to admit tho…my favorite 80’s christian rock album was Steve Taylors “Meltdown at Madame Tussauds” (I think I still have the cassette…although it doesn’t work any more)



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