All Quiet On The Conference Front


For the last two days I’ve been at the National New Church Conference in Orlando.  Tonight I passed on dinner with some of the incredible folks I’ve been hanging out with because I finally "hit the wall" today.  Since the "man thing" all started a few weeks back I haven’t had any down time and I think my body just gave out about 2:00 PM.  I came on home and have just been resting tonight…no phone…no email…and except for this blog post…no computer.

Let me say, that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at the conference.  The Reproducing Track and Post-Launch Track has been incredible.  Not so much for the practical things…but for the emphasis that each of the speakers in those tracks have put on following God…first and foremost.  I also want to give props to all of the main session speakers…they have been tremendous.  While I have been inspired by everyone I have heard speak, Ed Stetzer and Larry Osbourne have been the two guys that have really rocked my world.  They are saying stuff that I have been saying…thinking…for a while now.  Stuff that no one else is even acknowledging…future stuff…stuff of tomorrow.  If nothing else…those two guys have validated a lot of things that God has been revealing to me over the last few months.

I have also been incredibly moved…and blessed…by Shawn Lovejoy and his staff.  They have really been pouring "Spirit-stuff" into my heart over the last couple of months…many times without really knowing they were doing it.  God has used Shawn, David and Casey to really speak to me…and I love them for taking the time to do it!!!

One of the highlights for me today was hanging out with other bloggers at the Blogger’s Roundtable.  It is so cool to really get to know these brothers and sisters in the Lord and hear their heart.  It was like a big fraternity and I wish we could have spent more time together.  The biggest thrill for me was sitting next to Andrew Jones and getting to talk with him for a moment or two.  He is the reason I started blogging and was just the nicest guy.  I really want to commend Ben Arment and Drew Goodmanson for  taking the time to put the Roundtable together.

The most refreshing thing though, has just been getting to hang out with my friends…my brothers in church planting…Gary, Travis and Tadd.  Those guys are just golden and a lot of fun to be around.  Not only do we laugh a lot…and cut up a lot…but I know they have my back and pray for me.  They inspire me in so many ways.

We have an extremely busy weekend coming up at Compass Point so I may not blog again until next week.  I’ll try to hammer in some time to mention all the great folks that I met…or got reacquainted with at the conference…there are so many!!!  If you want to see some really good notes from Ed’s talk today then click here.

I’m going to watch LOST, spend some time praying with Denise and then head to bed.  I have a big day tomorrow…Drew Goodmanson’s track session, Ed Stetzer’s track session, Bill Hybels’ main session and then lunch with some really cool folks…it should rock!!!

All Quiet On The Conference Front

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  1. It was great meeting you today Chris! Your comments at the roundtable about your blogging experience was very helpful. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions as well.


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