More Photographic Proof


Thanks to Michael Dixon…the one and only Mississippi Jobless Minister…for emailing me this picture from the "Blogger’s Round Table" at the National New Churches Conference.  That is Andrew Jones (man, myth and legend) on the left and Tony McCollum on the right.  Even more photographic proof that I got to sit next to "Neo" of the church blogging "matrix".

A couple of observations here…before some other wiseacre brings it up:

1. Yes, it does look like a "before and after" picture for some advertisement for Trim-Spa baby!

2. Yes, it is ironic that the guy that probably needs a sandwich doesn’t have one in front of him, but the two guys that should probably go without food for several months look like they just wrecked an entire Subway Sandwich Shop.

3. Yes…Tony and I do treat lunch like a full contact sport.  Thanks for asking.  🙂

More Photographic Proof

3 thoughts on “More Photographic Proof

  1. Hi Chris!

    We did not meet (I was sitting at one of the nearby tables) but I did appreciate you and the others in the discussion. Great stuff.

    One favor: did you get the list of the bloggers? Mine is on it, but I failed to pick up a copy. I’d love a list if you have it.


    Kirk Schneemann
    Ann Arbor, Michigan


  2. I think that I look like the before picture and Andrew looks like the after picture in this “ad.” 🙂

    Chris, it was good to meet you at the conference!


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