The Hybels-Driscoll “Grudge Match”

Yes…I was there.  No…I’m not going to comment about the video or the response.

Mark Driscoll and Bill Hybels are both men of God that have followed their calling and have reached a BUNCH of people for Christ.  In my book…they have BOTH earned the right to say whatever they want to say.  I was just thrilled to hear them both speak at a really good conference.

Move on…

The Hybels-Driscoll “Grudge Match”

2 thoughts on “The Hybels-Driscoll “Grudge Match”

  1. Erick Bauman says:

    I have read numerous posts through out the carpal-tunnel typepad community about last week’s Imus-esque ordeal. I am not going to comment on the participants, but I do want to leave my thoughts about those who have chosen the combo moves of a rabbit-punch-into-a-pile-driver on Driscoll and Hybels.

    First, let me say walking out and loss of respect for someone is a sign of insecurity and false measurement in one’s leadership. I hope in the future of church planting this is not how we choose to handle aggravating situations or circumstances. Furthermore, we live, learn and love a guy who gave away his love, respect and trust freely. So, ask yourself – or selves for that matter – what we are teaching when we say we have “lost respect for someone, due to their actions.” Honestly, it’s really not for us to have any say who gets or merits respect, when we submit to the value giver – Jesus. Lastly, and more importantly, these Don Imus-esque issues and the negative statements about Driscoll and Hybels are partial reasons why the disconnected actively have to work to see the difference and love we share for one another.

    Thank you for allowing me to have a Driscoll moment.


  2. Shawn says:

    I agree with most of what Eric said, but if i recall correctly, Paul was undoubtly displeased and lost some respect for Peter in some of his cowardness. (Gal. 2:11-15) So Paul corrected Peter on a dividing issue, which was what Hybels was trying to do. Then in return, many bloggers have tried to correct Bill. So whose right? And does it matter? Should I even be saying this?

    Anyways, the blog looks great Chris.

    And thanks for allowing me to have a Bauman moment.


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