Travis & Tony



I had my digital camera at the NNCC last week and I just got around to downloading the photos onto my laptop.

The first photo is a rebuttal photo.  Apparently Travis Johnson had a problem with my computer bag so he posted a picture about it on his blog.  The photo above shows him with…not one…but two hand-held plastic massage units getting ready to give himself a less-than-manly back rub during the conference.  I want everyone to remember Travis in prayer because his church is considering letting him go.  They do not believe in a woman as lead pastor.  🙂

The second photo is the reason I went to the conference…to have my picture taken with Tony McCollum.  He is the one of the greatest vocalists and gospel artists of all time.  His "One Day At A Time" video is the bar with which all other music videos are measured!!!  🙂

Travis & Tony

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