Chris Question Friday

Lately I have been receiving quite a few emails
each day asking me questions about myself, Compass Point, music, my
views on stuff, etc.  However, due to recent developments…both
personal and as a pastor…it has become increasingly diffcult to
respond to each and every one of them.  Since Fridays are a
semi-down-day in the wondeful world of blogs, I thought I’d use the
time to answer some of those questions.  Some questions are
funny…some are serious…all of them have been asked by more than one
Without further ado…here is my very first "Chris Question Friday" question:
QUESTION:  Chris, with you being associated with the "man church" stuff recently, why do you carry a "man purse" around?

Thanks to Travis Johnson’s photo of me with a messenger bag at the
National New Churches Conference this question has been popping up in
my inbox over and over again.  I will now answer this question once and
for all.

First, it is not a "man purse"…it is a messenger bag made by
OGIO called the "Hip Hop".  I chose this model because…even though
I’m a fat, middle-aged, white guy…every middle school student in
north Lakeland will tell you that I’m truly "gangsta".

Secondly, I carry around a lot of crap.  I never go anywhere
without my ESV Journal Bible, prayer journal, a Moleskine for jotting
notes on the fly, an Ipod, a digital voice recorder, pens, pencils,
highlighters, several folders full of stuff to read or followup on, my
Blackberry and sometimes a laptop.  My life and schedule are already
too crazy not to utilize every spare moment.  If I get stuck in
traffic, get hung up waiting on a meeting or have a few minutes of down
time my stuff is with me so I can get work done.  The more work I do
during the day, the more free I am at night for my wife…where my true
"manliness" is displayed.

Thirdly, I am totally secure in my "manhood".  Call it a "man
purse" if you will…but truly manly men like Tony McCollum, Gary Lamb
and Tadd Grandstaff carry them.  If those icons of male perfection do
it…then I feel totally secure…and validated…for carrying one

I’ve got to go now.  I just pulled out some nail clippers and Bath
& Body Works’ lotion from my messenger bag so I can give myself a
manicure.  Have a great weekend, everybody.  🙂
Chris Question Friday

One thought on “Chris Question Friday

  1. CE said: “The more work I do during the day, the more free I am at night for my wife…where my true “manliness” is displayed.”

    Hey I just threw-up a little. 2 questions still – is the bigger the bag you tote making up for something, and is there something to be said if you wife’s purse is smaller than your “manpurse.”


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