Dark For Falwell

As most of you already know Rev. Jerry Falwell went home today.  I had the honor of meeting him back in the 90’s when I was touring as a Christian comedian.  I found him to be a gracious man with a wonderfully dry sense of humor.  While he had a much different approach to ministry than I, his passion for preaching, developing Christian leaders and the things of God was contagious to be around.  However history may judge his legacy, his command of the pulpit and his convictions about the Bible were awe-inspiring.

Denise and I are praying for his family, friends and loved ones.  We are also praying for the folks of Thomas Road and Liberty.  Rev. Falwell leaves behind a large hole that will not be easily filled.

In honor of his passing…and his faithful service to the Kingdom of God…my blog will be dark until next week.

Dark For Falwell

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