The Same Team?

I want to tread lightly into this subject because I know that I am venturing on to a slippery slope. Over the last several days there have been almost identical posts here and here about not taking shots at church leaders on the same team. While I found both blogs rich with insight and filled with good points…I was left with the question of what constitues “the team” and what are my responsibilities to it?

One the greatest things about the Kingdom of God is the diversity of leadership style and church structure…different people, from different backgrounds, using different means to reach different cultures for Christ!!! It’s truly amazing if you really stop to think about it. However, with diversity comes certain tension…the tension of doctrinal issues, the tension of leadership structure and the tension over outreach ideaology. Yet, there are several basic Biblical mandates that are beyond debate for true evangelicals…salvation through Christ…the Trinity….the Bible is without error…virgin birth…repentance of sin in order for salvation…only one God…and several others. These are foundational ideas with which Christianity…and the modern church…was built on.

The problem is that there are those leaders…with big voices…and much media attention…that have strayed away…or have ceased talking…about such things. The question then becomes…are they still part of the team? If they will never address the wages of sin in their sermons…are they still on the same team? If they publically deny the Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)…are they still on the same team? If their “prayer of salvation” never mentions repentance…are they still on the same team? If they say that every non-Christian religion out there is praying to the same god that Christians are praying to…are they still on the same team? If they are….then I must be wearing a different jersey!

Until today I have never even broached the subject of heresy or false doctrine on my blog. I agree that such matters should be handled in person…not over the internet. However…I only mention it today…because I’m faced with a dilemma over the whole team concept that was presented this week. Many of the misguided..or sometimes just plain heretical…leaders are not only reaching their flocks…but through television, radio, books, magazines and the internet they are also reaching my flock. The folks I’m called to shepherd are mostly unchurched and disconnected…they are very young in their faith and can be easily led astray at this point in their walk with Christ. I’m not sure that I have the luxury of ignoring…or not addressing…some of the flawed theology being presented by several other “team” members.

I guess my biggest question today is…as a shepherd…where does my responsibility to protect my flock from danger begin…and my responsibility to “take one for the team” end???

The Same Team?

5 thoughts on “The Same Team?

  1. We have to be careful about drawing too many conclusions, particularly about TV preachers, from what we see on their television programs. The good ones, Joel Osteen, Robert Schuller, and others have purposely aimed their messages at not-yet believers. Their goal is evangelism.

    Jesus had some pretty simple gospel sermons: Get me a drink of water, I am coming to your house for lunch, Follow me, take up your cross, oh yeah, that one was a little tougher than some of the others. He never attempted to preach the entire scripture in every encounter.

    One of my mentors used to talk about how he watched Kenneth Copeland, and Kenneth Hagin on TV, nearly every week. He said, “When I am eating chicken, I have learned to throw out the bones.”

    Our job as leaders is to raise our people up so that they are self-feeding mature Christ-follower, capable of throwing out the bones when they eat chicken…


  2. Disclosure – I’m a member of Elevation – but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your entry. Very thought provoking and I think very accurate.

    I have 6 kids and sort of see a pastor’s role as one of a parent. I don’t put other parents down, but I do have to be aware of the kinds of things my kids could be exposed to that I feel are unhealthy. And I have to be prepared to explain to my kids what is right and what is wrong (Biblically based of course.)

    It’s a tough balance not criticizing the person while correcting what is false teaching.

    And there are times when direct confrontation is ok I think. The issue with Peter and Paul comes to mind when Paul had to publically challenge what was false doctrine.

    Again, I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading more.

    Curt Whalen
    Charlotte, NC


  3. Well, I know there are simple lessons that need to be taught and I know that not all messages are going to hit on all points of the Christian faith, I am sure you thought of that, but maybe some might not give you that much credit.

    I appreciate you Chris b/k even though I don’t know you personally (and I can’t seem to get the KISS loving thing out my mind…but that’s a debate for another time – hah) I do respect that you don’t put stance out there lightly and I’m sure you had in mind those who are really at heart seeming to have left ‘the team’. It is a great question to ask and I for one am glad that you as a pastor have your radar on for your people…


  4. So I was talking to a local non-christian artist here in Austin. You know the guy, tattoo’s everywhere, hates religion, couple body piercing.

    He asked me if I knew the TV preacher Joel Osteen.

    I was worried…But said yes, I do know him.

    The artist then told me how he watched the other day and was touched by what he said.

    I was shocked. While I do not “vibe” with Joel. I was convicted and I guess God an do and use whomever he wished.

    Anyhow-it’s such a heard tension.


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