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A very wise man just emailed me a reminder…in response to my previous post…that just because a church is small…doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. The spiritual health of a church doesn’t depend on numbers…it depends on the heart and effort of the leadership of the church. There are many great large, medium and small churches that are discipling their people well. There are also many that just plain suck at it.

A baptism is the beginning of the journey…not the finish line. I am finding way too many new and soon-to-be church planters that seem to think that “getting it done” is only about baptisms. Churches that are “getting it done” are those that take the person from baptism to the point where they are able to spiritually feed others…and themselves. Yes, baptisms are incredible…but with them comes the responsibility to help nuture that person into a mature Christian walk. A baptism is just one-third of the Great Commision equation…reaching people for Christ and discipling them is the other two-thirds.

My previous post was not meant as a slight to mega-church pastors or large churches. The majority of the mega-churches pastors I know never started out to be mega…they just started out with a passion to reach as many people as they could for Christ. My previous post, however was intended as a slight to the ideaology that somehow numbers on Sunday mean that a church is healthy. While Sunday (or weekend) service attendance is one of the the things to measure….there are many more variables to look at in order to determine that overall spiritual health of the church.

Healthy Church…

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  1. Very good thoughts Chris. I see this kind of “back and forth” on both sides of the fence. Numbers don’t equal health — Small doesn’t necessarily mean healthy…etc…etc….

    The bottom line is, the LARGE majority of churches will be under 200 in attendance. That’s the figure that’s provable. Once you get over 200 in fellowship, then you’ve entered a whole new realm of church. 500 seems to be the next plateau but do we have to shoot that high or just let God determine it? That’s a loaded question with many diverse opinions I’m afraid.

    Personally, I feel that if we had three churches of 300 or so, it would be better than a church of one-thousand. I don’t fault those pastors who are larger than that but I think pastoral care gets lost in the shuffle when you start professionalizing the craft of pastoral leadership.


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