Apple Came Calling

Due to by blog post yesterday, I was contacted by an Apple “representative” today. Apparently in my attempt to create conversation about the perceived relevance of technology in church outreach to young 20-somethings…I have also created quite a crap-storm in the technology blogosphere.

According to Apple some of the “perceptions” of the people I polled about the capabilities of the iPhone are off. I explained that most of my data was received before the commercials started running on television and before Steve Jobs made his presentation Monday. I also explained that I was only listing the iPhone flaws as they were perceived by the folks I polled. I then asked fo a clarfication as to which “capability” I was off on. The rep said “secrecy” would prevent him from addressing a specific area at this time.

Let’ see…I’m wrong about one of the areas I wrote about concerning the iPhone…but they can’t actually tell me which one because it;s too top secret to discuss. Holy crap, the stuff being tested at Area 51 isn’t as secure as this stupid cell phone.

However, being the fair man I am…I stated that I would be willing to take down the iPhone posting from my blog if Apple could immediately prove me wrong. I asked them to either:

A. Send me an iPhone pronto so I could “speak with authority” about anything I was wrong about in my blog post. That only seems fair…right? 🙂

B. Give one immediately to Engadget so they can dispell all of the rumors and half-truths out there about the iPhone.

Needless to say, the Apple rep declined on both.

Since they can’t tell me where I was wrong…and they can’t prove me wrong…at this point Im not changing one word of my post. Either they are full of crap or I am…we’ll just have to wait until 6:00 PM on June 29th to see which one. 🙂

Apple Came Calling

3 thoughts on “Apple Came Calling

  1. DaveF says:

    Hmph. Reading both posts? Color me unimpressed.

    You were contacted by “an Apple representative”. No mention of how they did or who they did. For a blog that – however much it my make a ifference (and I hope it does) – it seems like it addresses a fairly small audience? (BTW, I caught you via a link from MacSurfer.)

    Yet, despite this – you seem a bit, um, peeved – over not getting a pre-release iPhone or something to do with a [not to be named by me] site who caused the stock price to fall 4% in minutes a few weeks ago when it irresponsibly published a supposed internal email stating that this iPhone was being delayed until October.

    Again, I’m unimpressed.

    To your credit you do have some things right… your poll is not scientific in the least (and you prominently point it out), you aren’t some fly-by-night blogger who is simply trying to be an “anti-Apple fanboi” in disguise. Laudable.

    Still, you really lost it in my eyes with the over-the-top concept that Apple is so thin-skinned as to contact you merely because you had the audacity to post a small sample poll result.

    I’m guessing it was to see if you could get your hands on an iPhone ahead of the crowd? Whatever. Really… with respect… they don’t care about your previous post. Right now they are more concerned over the developers at WWDC this week and the impending iPhone release in 15 days.



  2. Dave – I couldn’t agree with you more. I found it bizare that anyone from Apple would know about my site…much less contact me. They called my church office line…apprently they followed the link from my blog to my church website and got the number there. I was not…and am not…totally convinced that the Apple rep was legit. That is why I put the word ‘representative’ in quotations marks. There has been way more stuff written about the iPhone by people that actually knows about technology than me…why would they contact me?

    This post was more tongue-in-cheek than serious. I am not peeved about not getting an early preview of the iPhone (why would they send me one…I pastor a church…not blog about technology) and I have no clue about the stock drop you were talking about. I am a church planter that speaks to other church planters trying to reach young 20-somethings. That was…and is…the only purpose for my poll and my blog post.

    Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to drop by my little corner of the world. Also, thanks for taking the time to comment…I feel the love. 🙂


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