My Wedding Policies

As a pastor, I hate doing weddings!!!  I’d rather take a beating from a rubber hose than do one wedding.  They are normally too expensive, way overblown, cause major stress and are one pain in the butt "dog and pony" show!

I guess my biggest problem is I no longer have the stomach for the hypocrisy.  The bride and groom want me to pronounce them married in "holy" matrimony, yet they have been living together for two years and are heading to a alcohol-fueled reception once I introduce them to the world.  I take what I do seriously…I simply refuse to conduct a Christian wedding with a couple that has displayed anything but Christian morals!

I don’t really know where the whole wedding thing "jumped the shark" for me?  Maybe it was the wedding where the "Christian" bride and her bridesmaids showed more cleavage than a Hooter Girls’ convention.  It could have been when the "Christian" groom threw up on his bride and then passed out because he was so drunk.  There’s a possibility it was the time when the "Christian" couple wanted me to say in their vows that they would use their "combined intelligence and harmony with nature as the guide for life" instead of Scripture.  However, I’m pretty sure it was the time when I found out (after the wedding ceremony) that the "Christian" couple used their swinging partners as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

In essence, I do not believe that a wedding ceremony is an outreach opportunity.  I believe that a wedding ceremony and the premarital counseling sessions are a discipleship opportunity.  Therefore, the Elders and I put together a pretty extensive set of wedding policies for Compass Point Church.  I believe that they are Biblical, put the control back in the person that is officiating the wedding and weed out the yahoos that are just looking for someone to validate the sin in their lives. 

If anyone is interested you can download our Wedding Packet at the link below:

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My Wedding Policies