Boston And The Big Ball

BostonbostonWay back in the mid-70’s…when I was a kid…there was no greater rock n’ roll album at the time than Boston’s debut record. With songs like “More Than A Feeling”, “Peace Of Mind” and “Long Time” it was different, exciting and refreshing. Most importantly it wasn’t Leo Sayer or the Bee Gees!!!

The album seemed to come out of nowhere and exploded onto charts. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing Boston and their tour was selling out stadiums all over the United States. Not only did the success of the album catch fans and radio off guard…it also caught the band off guard.

In a 2003 interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Boston’s lead singer Bad Delp said this:

“We went out on an eight week tour when the album first came out. The shows were all in clubs. They kept adding dates to the tour. We started out playing venues that were 1000 people or less. The venues started getting bigger as the eight week tour lasted ten months. The first big arena gig that we did was opening for Black Sabbath. We were headlining these smaller to midsized clubs. We went from that to arenas. We opened for Sabbath for a week or so and then we played with Foghat and some other bands. We actually headlined our own show at Madison Square Garden at the end of the first tour. I didn’t see it coming. I thought we were coming home in eight weeks. It was all good.”

Though not a rock star…I could relate to what Brad said. As a church planter you dream big, but start off with fairly small expectatins. You never think that people are really going to respond to what God is calling you to deliver.

It’s like trying to roll a big, heavy ball down a hill…it seems like it takes forever to get the thing moving. Then slowly but surely it starts gathering speed. There is shock and amazement the first time you do something and people actually show up to see the ball. Then other people begin to show up because they heard about the ball from someone else. Now it is begginning to roll…gathering momentum and speed a little bit at a time.

Then comes the moment in time where it all clicks…God moves…and the ball breaks past the crest and real energy begns to take place. First the ball is moving slow enough to keep up with the pace…manage it…guide it…manuever it. Then it begins to hit speeds where you are trying furiously to keep up. You become stressed because now the ball has become so much more than you ever dreamed. You’re frantically trying to bring in others to help guide the ball…put parameters in place to contain its direction…do everything you can to control the pace…only to find…it is impossible! The speeds have risen past your own abilities to direct it.

Finally you come to realize that you can’t control it…that the control is best left to God…as it was His ball to begin with. Control is no longer the object…riding it out to see where the ball goes is now the goal. The stress subsides and the joy reappears. You finally get back to enjoyng the real reason you started the ball to begin with.

Compass Point started off as a four week Bible study that has turned into a four year Bible study. Without a doubt it’s a Bible study conducted on a much larger scale with more people involved…but still with the same vision as when we started off trying to get it moving! It makes me wonder…where will the ball roll tomorrow?

Boston And The Big Ball