Quick Post

I finally found a place with wi-fi up here in Statesboro, Georgia. This place is like the “Land That Time Forgot”…but I love coming up here. Anyway, I’m taking my wife and mother-in-law to dinner in a few minutes so I gotta make this quick. I’m going to kick this post Gary Lamb “Mind Dump” style…

1. Got to hang with my boy Josh Brown on Saturday. He was the first worship leader we had at Compass Point and just an all-around nice guy. He’s also one heck of a songwriter….

2. Got to go to Mountain Lake’s Saturday afternoon service…saw Shawn for like two minutes. If you haven’t checked out Mountain Lake before…DO IT…they are rocking it hard for the Kingdom!!!

3. I had a ball talking with Casey Graham and finally meeting Paul Peterson in person.

4. Run…don’t walk…to your computer and sign up for this church planter’s conference. Hands down it’s the best one out there!!!

5. I started to go to Ridgestone Church on Sunday but ended up at Revolution Church. 🙂

6. Crunched lunch Sunday with one of my favorite people in the whole world…he freakin’ challenges me every time we hang.

7. The Rev/Ridge volunteers up in Canton always blow me away..the hardest working people I’ve ever seen in ANY church!!!

8. Tim May looked like “death warmed over” because of a late flight back into the ATL…but he and the Revo band had me fist-pumping with some serious Beatles cover action!!! His guitar players can “spank the plank” with wreckless abandon…

9. Denise and I headed up to one of my favorite places in the whole world today. The seeds for Cpoint were planted in my heart there by a very godly man. God always speaks to me while I’m there…

10. I preached 30+ weeks in a row…I needed a break.. got seriously fed this weekend at the two services..and two weeks ago with Travis!!!

11. I’m stoked about staff meeting Sunday. Hey Compass Point leaders…get ready…it’s going to be “in your face”…no doubt!!!

12. We’re heading back to Lakeland tomorrow…I’m ready…enough break already!!!

Quick Post