Four For Four!!!

Four for four…I made Slice Of Laodicea for several hours this morning! I first saw it in my Google Reader after lunch and tried to link to it…but apparently Ingrid took it down around noon (I have no clue why). I then went to my TypePad stats…and sure enough…about 300+ links from Slice. I captured the screen (click on the image below for a better look) and will be framing it for my office. Forget being on Fox News and quoted by the Associated Press…this is truly my “fifteen minutes”!!!


*UPDATE No sarcasm in this update…I’m being totally serious. Too many times we make assumptions about people before we really ever have a chance to meet them.

I received a very nice email from Ingrid of Slice this evening. Her blog post about me was only up for ten minutes or so…yet in that time a bunch of folks were able to link off of it. She shared with me why she took it down…there was nothing sinister or underhanded about…but I do not feel at liberty to say as the email was private. I was both humbled and surprised by her reason…and thank her for sharing it with me.

For the record I also received a nice email from Ken Silva of Christian Research Net and Apprising. He and I seem to have some of the same backgrounds…and he is a naturally humorous man. Also the curator over at A Little Leaven and I have been in contact. He…or she…has been super.

Finally, this whole thing has been fun…seriously. While some of the emails have been pretty hateful…most were just expressing their honest thoughts. While I may not be everyone’s cup of tea…and vice versa…why should I get offended with people’s honesty…when my honesty on this blog is pretty brutal in and of itself? Basically…if I can’t take the heat…I better stay out of the kitchen. Thanks for all of those that took time to email in and drop by the blog…whether you were pro or con. I am sorry I have not had the time…nor will have the time…to answer everyones email.

Four For Four!!!