Conversations About A Cow

The following are typical statements in the life curve of a sacred cow:

Calf Conception “Pastor, we really want to start a small group Bible study and we’ll all bring a food dish so we can eat as a family. It will be just like what they did in Acts.”

Calf Birth “Okay, next week you bring the meat, you two bring the drinks, you guys bring two vegatables and we’ll provide the cups, plates and bread.”

Sacred Cow “Okay, it’s been a great discussion, but we only have time for one more question about tonight’s Bible passage because we have to talk about what everyone needs to bring for dinner next week.”

The Herd “You know that other group has dinner at their Bible study…maybe we ought to do the same thing. It will be just like what they did in Acts.”

The Stench “We were just slammed trying to get the house and meal ready for the group tonight and we’re pretty tired. Why don’t we skip the Bible study part this evening, just eat dinner togther and have a night of fellowship?”

The Mess “The fellowship-only night was kind of fun…maybe we ought to have one of those every month!”

The Disease “You know, that other group blows off the Bible study one time a month and just has a fellowship night so they can really enjoy their meal. Maybe our group should start doing that?”

The Contamination “Let’s stop calling them Growth Groups and start calling them Dinner Groups…with more emphasis on fellowship and community!”

The Stampede “Pastor, ever since we came to know the Lord and you baptized us last spring we’ve been really wantng to grow in our faith. We went to one of those small group Bible studies you guys have…but only they wanted to do was eat and hang out. Also, my wife and I don’t have the finances to bring a dish ever week. I’m afraid we are going to have to start going to another church so can learn more about the Bible.”

The Slaughter “Pastor, everything was going great here until you tried to stop us from having meals at our small group Bible studies. You’re tearing apart our close friendships and our reason for coming to this church. We’ve all been talking about it and feel it would be best for our church if you stepped down….and went some place else.”

Conversations About A Cow