Always At War

Yesterday my family received the news that my father has cancer. It is treatable and can normally be put into remission…however his heart problems over the years may prevent some of the best procedures for aggressively attacking it. More medical tests are needed to determine the best course of action. Right now we are just praying without ceasing…and asking others to join us.

This morning I received an email from a pastor and far away mentor with these words of wisdom…

Hey man, prayed for you this morning…please keep me posted!
Sounds like you are in a war…stay focused on who the real enemy is!!!

In church planting and leadership there is never a time of peace. Battles are always going on around us…in us…because we are always at war with the forces of Satan. There are times when I get weary from the fight…times when I hear it in the voices of other pastors….battle fatigue is a constant. Every day there is a struggle with health, temptations, critical people, destroyers of vision and secret sin. If we are truly following God…and getting it done…the attacks…and war…will always continue.

Enjoy the battle…it means the Devil is running scared…because you’re doing something right!!!

Always At War