Accountability: The Bible

Over the last several months God has really been laying into me about accountability. Not only accountability to make sure we are following God’s Word as a church….but also personal accountability in my own life.

For years I had friends…three in particular from my Prison Fellowship days…that I could share anything with and thus I felt totally accountable to them. I guess that in itself is the main difficulty in true accountability…finding people I can be totally honest with that can also be truly honest with me.

With me no longer working with Prison Fellowship on a regular basis, there became a need for new accountability. I still talk with those three dear “prison” friends very often, but our lives don’t intersect enough for them to know me on a day-by-day basis. They also have never really had any ties with Compass Point…so it would be impossible for them to also provide accountability for the church.

The accountability process I now have in my life…and the life of Compass Point…has been…and will continue to be…a growing process. Accountability is based…not only on Scripture and God’s leading…but also on unwavering trust in another human being. With that in mind, over the next several set of posts I will lay out a brief sketch of my accountability structure. I’ll start with…

THE BIBLE It begins and ends here. If it’s not Scriptural…not just one verse taken out of context but according to the whole counsel of God’s Word…I do my best to flee from it. This is also the case with Compass Point.

In order to do this I must be…my accountability partners must be…the Elders of Compass Point Church must…scholars of God’s Word. That means that I am daily reading from Scripture, but also several times a week pouring into it for hours at a times. I will admit…there are times that as a pastor of a growing church…”life stuff” and “ministry stuff” gets in the way. I really have to block out time when the phone is turned off, the world is shut out and I just spend uninterrupted time in God’s Word.

As I’ve said before my greatest regret is not finishing seminary (something I will rectify one year from now…more on that in a later post). However, I do not let that stop me from being a scholar of the Word of God. I read MacArthur commentaries like most pastors read business or leadership books. I almost always have one with me and I really use them as a text book. While I study hard for what I’m going to be preaching on…at least once a week I spend several hours studying something I have no current plans to present to my flock. This is done for my own growth and knowledge…something just for me…that I look forward to.

Finally, I have QuickVerse loaded up in my Mac (my main way of studying…but I wish they’d get MacArthur’s stuff on Mac) and I use Sprugeon’s “Morning And Evening” as a daily devotional…well…morning and evening.

Other accountability measures to follow…

Accountability: The Bible