Less We Get Too Smug

In the last 24 hours…

  • Over 40,000 children worldwide died of hunger
  • 845 million people worldwide went to bed hungry
  • Over 3 billion people on Earth lived on less than $2
  • Almost 6,000 people worldwide died from AIDS
  • Over 32,000 children in Africa became orphans
  • Almost 1 billion people worldwide couldn’t read a book or write their name

It’s fairly easy to point the finger at Hollywood…it’s a little more difficult to point the finger at us…followers of Christ. Consider the statistics above…now…how many of us Christian leaders, pastors, bloggers and laypeople….

  • Spent $5 this week on a cup of coffee?
  • Helped our church raise millions to build another “much needed” building?
  • Blew over $100 this week on Christmas gifts?
  • Filled up the tank of our gas guzzling SUV?
  • Spent a butt-load of cash on multi-media products for worship?
  • Are taking the youth group skiing?
  • Bought a video game console for our children?
  • Broke the bank to market our church?
  • Left uneaten food on our plate at a buffet?
  • Spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a staff retreat?
  • Downloaded a cool ringtone to our cell phone?
  • Paid a bunch of money to go to conference?
  • Didn’t spend a dime of missions or relief ministry?
  • Patted ourselves on the back for being doctrinally sound, while totally ignoring Matthew 25:34-40?
Less We Get Too Smug