The Title Of Lead Pastor

At Compass Point we take the titles of our leaders very seriously. We don’t set a title just because some other church has done it…or it looks cool. We mainly give a leader a title for two reasons:

  1. To clearly communicate to the flock of Compass Point what that leader’s role is.
  2. To remind the leader what they are there for as a servant to God and as a shepherd to Compass Point.

Over the last few months I have noticed some bloggers kind of taking shots at the title of Lead Pastor. I can only speak for myself and why I have the title of Lead Pastor at Compass Point. It is solely for the the second reason listed above.

I truly believe that the head earthly shepherd of a flock should be leading out in all areas of spiritual development and example. I think that the CEO model of church leadership is flawed and is not in any way Biblical. The idea that the Lead Pastor…Senior Pastor…sits in an office, only interacts with the top level leaders, studies for preaching 50 hours a week and never gets out among disconnected people was not an example set by Jesus Christ. I realize that there comes a numeric size in church where it becomes difficult for a pastor to do everything…to be there for everyone…we are seeing that firsthand at Compass Point right now. I also realize that there has to be times when teaching, preaching and leading pastors shut out the world to concentrate on God. However, being an example and setting the bar for accountability, lifestyle, discipleship and evangelism is something a Lead Pastor or Senior Pastor should never delegate.

The reason that I prayerfully chose the title of Lead Pastor over Senior Pastor is strictly a reminder to me that I’m not a CEO setting at the top of major corporation barking out orders to my underlings. It is a title that reminds me that I have to be out in front actively leading others to do the things for which God has called us to do as followers of Christ and the Bible. It reminds me that I must be more than just a hearer of His Word…but an actual doer of His Word. I should always being setting the example by leading out in…

  • Developing a more deeper personal relationship with God.
  • Developing a more deeper understanding of God’s Word.
  • Spending many hours a week in Bible study and serious prayer.
  • Being a Godly, loving husband that knows when to say “no” to the outside world.
  • Living a life above reproach.
  • Leading my family in the ways of the Lord.
  • Modeling submission to proper accountability.
  • Fleeing from all appearances of evil.
  • Knowing good, sound doctrine and being able to convey that to others.
  • Planting Scriptural seed in the lives of those I come in contact with.
  • Being open and active in the areas where the Holy Spirit is watering planted seed.
  • Mentoring those that can take the next steps in following God’s calling for their lives.
  • Encouraging folks to really development an intimate relationship with our Father.
  • Developing authentic relationship with others…both believes and non-believers.
  • Physically helping around the church.
  • Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Being a friend to “the least of these”.
  • Displaying wisdom in the things that I say, do…and write (I struggle in this area)
  • Not allowing “snakes in the playground” by tolerating bad doctrine or false teaching.
  • Go to places that Jesus would have gone…which isn’t always the four walls of the church.
  • Being a shepherd…not a CEO…to the flock of Compass Point.

Seldom is a day when I am not giving out my business card to someone. I’m reminded each time I see my title on the card…that as the Lead Pastor of Compass Point…I am to do more than just tell people how to live their lives according to the Scriptures…I am also to show it.

The Title Of Lead Pastor