My Favorite Post Of 2007

This post got me in an international Associated Press article and on Fox News. This post received the most flaming emails. This post received the most criticism from other blogs. This post caused the biggest hits ever to my blog. However, it is the following post from June 11th that is my favorite from 2007. The cloning of churches in America is one of my biggest pet peeves and this post is probably the closest to my heart over the last year. I have reposted it for those that initially missed it.



I’m a clone.
I know it and I’m fine.
I’m one and more are on the way!

– Alice Cooper in “Clones (We’re All)”

Clones are everywhere. Everyone is “real, relevant and relational”. Everyone is “doing church differently”. Everyone is “authentic”. Everyone is a “new community of faith”. Everyone…is beginning to look the same.

The same tag lines. The same lighting system. The same message series. The same praise band. The same videos. The same…welll…the same.

You’ve never seen church like this? You can’t throw a rock in any direction in America without hitting a church that looks like that!!!

It started out with a few in each town. They did it…and did it well. They reached people for Christ, baptized them, discipled them and then shepherd them into leadership. It was successful. It was incredible. It was a mighty tool for the Kingdom of God. It was yesterday!

Move on. Think outside the box. Be creative. Innovate. Paint a new picture on a blank canvas. Color beyond the lines. Invent. Redefine. Provide an alternative. Imagine. Inspire. Be original. Become the first. Lead the way. Raise the bar. Blaze a new trail. Go where no man has gone before. See past the horizon. Dream. Dream big. Dream new!!!

Whatever you do, aspire to be more…than just a clone. The Kingdom of God…and a lost world…needs it.

My Favorite Post Of 2007