We Don’t Take Sundays Off

This post is in response to several emails and text messages I have received today from other church planters. This is in no way a slam at churches that take Sundays off…I just thought this would be a quicker and more simple medium for answering the question.

No we don’t take Sundays off at Compass Point. We rarely call off services for weather. Right after we planted we called off two services because a hurricane was suppose to hit. At church time the sun was shining because both storms went south of here. We now make that decision late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and utilize Calling Post to get the word out. Heck, this past spring there was a tropical storm hitting Lakeland at church time…we went ahead with the service…and ran out of chairs. Floridians are tough…we don’t sweat gale force winds, falling trees and flooding. 🙂

Seriously, we don’t take Sundays off for holidays or to give our folks a break. At Compass Point it’s not about our needs…it’s about the needs of disconnected people that need to hear God’s Word. If our volunteers need a break…they ask for it…we fill their slot…and give them a break. I don’t want folks to burn out in leadership or volunteering…but I also don’t want to miss a chance to bring the Word of God to people that need to hear it.

We also don’t call off services because it causes a loss in momentum. In our first year as a church plant, Compass Point did take the Sunday off after Christmas. For us it was a huge mistake. It took us months to gain back the “Big Mo”…not to mention we had four guests show up for church (with one of our regulars who didn’t get the memo)…only to find a sign saying we were taking a day off. They never gave us…or any other church…a shot again.

I guess my final reason is that the Sunday after Christmas is usually heavy on regular Compass Point folks in attendance. It’s a great way to celebrate the year that is ending and casting vision for the upcoming year.

By the way…we did a danish and cereal breakfast thing this morning before the service…had a really great family-oriented service (brought the kids in for this one)…and had slamming attendance.

We Don’t Take Sundays Off