Happy New Year

It’s 2008…and I’d like to wish everyone that reads this blog a happy new year!

I think resolutions are a waste of time…and I really get sick of all the 2007 lists and recaps most blogs put up.  I don’t get all the sentimental or reflective about yesterday…and being ADD…I can only really get jazzed about the possibilities of tomorrow.

2007 started out as a difficult year for Compass Point and myself…but ended on an incredibly high note.  It was one of the worst years I have ever had in ministry…and one of the most rewarding.  During the process I came close to resigning, realized  that God had to be the leader in all areas…and came to understand that our folks were looking for something besides the high-tech, topical feel-good, prosperity teaching, discover-your-purpose three-ring circus that many churches around here are offering theses days.  I guess you could say 2007 was…at best…a year of discovery for the Compass Point leadership.

In October everthing began to click…we started trying harder to follow God’s leading…started ignoring a lot of other resources out there…went to Atlanta to learn about church systems…started getting deeper in our Sunday morning teaching…and then God moved in a BIG way!  From November to the this past Sunday we doubled in size, saw an increase in salvation decisions and tripled in giving.

As we go into 2008 I have so many hopes, dreams, vision and goals for Compass Point.  However, I realize that nothing the Compass Point staff or I did caused this tremendous growth…it was simply the moving of God through our people.  So I guess the main goal I have for us as a body of believers in 2008 is to concentrate more on following God’s leading and His Word…than the latest trends, cultural swifts and popular church strategies. In essence…how God is moving in other churches and areas around the United States…is not how He is moving at Compass Point and North Lakeland.  In 2008 we have to immerse ourselves more in Him!!!

Happy New Year