Upcoming Stuff To Chew On

As I stated in my previous post I’m in Georgia for the weekend.  My plan had been to spend time with Denise’s family and then hang out at Guido Gardens for prayer, fasting and studying.  Unfortunately it is suppose to be in the 20s today with a chance of snow (Atlanta is already getting snow as I type this).  So I will spend a little more time than planned with Denise’s family (because they have a raging fireplace…which is something we don’t have in Florida) and then spend time in the heated Guido Chapel at the Guido Gardens praying, fasting and studying. 🙂

In the meantime here are a few things I’m working on to post on my blog over the next several weeks.  I’m even considering opening up comments for one or two of them.  We’ll have to see…but here they are…

  1. “This Issue Of Alcohol”
  2. “Things To Know Before You Plant”
  3. “The Church Of The Flaming Lips”
  4. “Chuck & Lonnie: A Calvary Approach For The Future”
Upcoming Stuff To Chew On